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San Clemente Outlets Nursing Lounge.

I recently ended my nursing journey with my son back in November 2019, but I still notice nursing friendly spaces as I go about my day. It’s such a treat when you run into a place that gives space for nursing! I took a trip for the first time to the San Clemente Outlets. There was the most lush nursing lounge I’d ever seen, complete with two changing tables with soft changing pads and nice covers, complete with a sink in the middle and paper towels right there! The lounge was attached to the restrooms, but there is plenty of separation and it was kept very clean. There were numerous couches and foot stools and plenty of room for anyone who may need it. It’s probably the nicest location I’ve come across, and had I still been nursing I would have taken advantage of it. If you’re thinking about visiting the outlets be assured there is a space for nursing folks!


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