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Birch Aquarium supports nursing in public, and it shows.

My favorite view, in San Diego, and I shared it with no less than 3 nursing babies. I always see nursing babies when I visit.

Out door fun, with benches and tables, to sit and feed Baby. If other kids are are with you, they will have plenty of interesting things to do and see and learn. Every other Wednesday at 10am, "Toddler Time... a fun and engaging event for our littlest guests. Activities include live music, art, and yoga. Please be sure to arrive early and check the website for details."

I encountered a heartening display of support, here in front of these benches. A nursing mother, along with her companion and service dog, was parked in her power wheel chair. Adorable tiny human feet peaked out from her nursing cover. I am grateful that support and services have been facilitated for this family to establish and support breastfeeding. #normalizebreastfeeding

Seating is available throughout the property, where you can park a stroller, feed Baby, and watch the sea life float by.

Visit the office, to get the #militarydiscount

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