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LEGOland, Boobs are awesome! Baby Care Center provides a lot, just not a comfy nursing area.

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Baby Care Center in LEGOland
Find the Laundromat, in Funtown. Baby Care Center is tucked behind it.

This Laundromat has a coffee/snack bar, and a free-play area for building with Legos. That is a great place for other members of your party, if you need the things offered at the Baby Care Center. There is seating, in the laundromat, which would be comfortable for nursing. In the Baby Care Center, you will find free tampons and pads, but you need quarters for medications. Access to refrigeration and a microwave, is provided. They looked clean, inside.

The Baby changing area is fairly private and spacious, with 2 sinks, and counter space.

As far as nursing goes, There are 2 stalls for privacy with less-than-comfortable seating. Through out the park, there are many opportunities to sit and nurse your baby, in greater comfort. Any bench, any restaurant, standing while waiting in line could be more comfortable. You get my point.

I'm pretty sure that hospital waiting rooms are more comfortable.

There is space and large Legos to play, within the mats you see. That might contain a crawler, not a cruiser.

If you bring a cooler: it needs to be 12"w x 10"h, "water and small smacks allowed." Guest services assured me that milk is included. They said they would consider adding "Baby Milk" to the sign. As always, ice is available.

We got our passes through #MWR, at about 1/2 price for #military members. The season pass is a great value.

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