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Tobacco and Lactation

  •  Nicotine Patches are considered compatible with breastfeeding.  If you are interested in smoking less, talk with your provider about it

  •  Nicotine transfers quickly into milk, so waiting 30 minutes can reduce the exposure to Baby.  That also allows time for hand washing and changing clothes to reduce Baby's exposure to noxious fumes and 2nd hand smoke.  There is a "steady state" in milk similar to maternal blood levels.   1.9% of maternal dose is ingested by Baby (estimated and adjusted per weight)

  • No bed-sharing or co-sleeping if anyone in the bed smokes.

What Studies Show: 

  • Lighter sleep for Baby is noted on heavier smoking days

  • People who smoke have babies. (millions globally)  Breastfeeding helps reduce some of the risks associated with having a parent who smokes.  

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