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Mary Birch Hits it outa the (Petco) Park!

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Full term nursing at Petco Park breastfeeding in public
"Since we're both Padres fans" Joelle Myers

#wholettheboobsout ? Updated 7/29/22

Anywhere parent and child are admitted, #breastfeeding is protected. Located in Suite 32 Terrace Level. This lounge offers great seats to watch the game.  In the air-conditioned area, you can find a refrigerator, water, ice, privacy and quiet. I am impressed that you can order drinks delivered.

 I favor conspicuous #nursinginpublic, because our culture needs to get over it. The more people are around breastfeeding, the better.  Professionally, I am a proponent of nursing in public, uncovered.  Personally,  I admit to you all that I barely had the courage to nurse uncovered, myself.  

Even if you are happy to nurse in public, baby might want/need a calmer place.  The lounge is for all mothers, and could be ideal if anyone is feeling overstimulated.   When I found the door, an attendant asked if I need to #pump, with zero awkwardness.  In my opinion, ball park attendants nonchalantly discussing pumping and breast-feeding is a non-tangible benefit to places dedicated to mothers.  I was admitted, once I explained that I am  an #IBCLC, researching for my clients.  The first thing she said is, [they can nurse their baby anywhere, in #California].  Another non-tangible benefit, the attendants know the law protects mothers feeding their babies.

Toyota Terrace Invitation to all mothers in Petco Park

How to find the #petcoparknursinglounge a cool quiet place for all mothers

 From the Western Metal building, take the elevator to the 5th floor.  It will bring you quite near suite 32.  There is an attendant at the elevator who can direct you.

From the other direction: take the ramp near section 118/116 and follow the signs to Terrace.  

For military beneficiaries.   Check out the #militarydiscount via this link:

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1 Comment

I N Rodriguez
I N Rodriguez
Aug 03, 2022

I had a negative experience here. The attendant did not want to allow my other 3 children in the lounge. I had no other adult to assist and the room was empty. The attendant told my 9 yr old son he could sit on the outside seats to watch the game but another attendant outside told him "these seats aren't for you". I was checked up on 3 times. At 6 minutes in, 11 minutes and again at 16 minutes. Then I was told we needed to leave as another mother was coming in. I was shocked and uncomfortable. I didn't get to change a diaper or even burp my baby (which she saw me doing at minute 18 when…

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