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Legit Baby Care Center that blends in with the Magic, but #Disney respects your right to NIP.

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Minni Ears
My last baby, in her first Minnie outfit.

In the Magic Kingdom, just off Main Street, take a Right at the Photo Shop.

If you have a photo of yourself nursing, in the park, covered or not, I'd love to make it the cover shot.

That adorable baby, below is Walt Disney. It is said that his wife started the Baby Care Center, and that every #Disney Park has a center dedicated to the care of children. This is where lost children are kept comfortable, while their responsible party is located. It is always attended by more than one "Baby Matron"

The needs of infants to toddlers to over-stimulated bigs can be met, and it is air conditioned! They provide private places to nurse or pump, with comfortable chairs, side table and plugs. You can store your baby stuff, get ice, buy supplies and baby food. Notice the high chair. This is perfect for the distractible eater. Take a rest, away from the heat, cold, noise, etc... The "Baby Matrons" are protective of privacy. Adult males will be asked to stay in the front room; any adult without a child with them will need to explain why they have entered the door. The Baby changing and potty area is an open bay, with no photos allowed. Only persons taking care of that business, at that time are allowed in that place.

Don't hate- I prefer #CaliforniaAdventure all day long. There is more room, and more nooks with shade and a breeze to enjoy the park, while nursing. The #BabyCareCenter is in prime lactation. Around the corner from Ghiradelli's, which is on the tail end of the food court area. There, margaritas and craft beer may be enjoyed. Show your badassery- send me a photo of yourself nursing your baby while enjoying an adult beverage, at the happiest place on earth.

It is totally safe to have 1-2 servings of alcohol without interrupting nursing! I will post about that, in depth, I promise. For now, just know that you can nurse your baby, as long as you are not too impaired to drive.

Follow the signs, but it is still pretty hidden. It is around the corner, tucked practically behind Ghiradelli's.

#militarydiscounts MWR sells tickets, always at a great price. Every Disney property offers a government rate, but there are military specials available at various hotels, at various times. Call them. The concierge levels are worth it! You have early delicious and nutritious breakfast waiting for you, lattes included, as you roll out to the early access inside the park.

And seriously, please send me a photo!

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