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Virtual or In-Person Visits. Policy and Procedure.

Updated: Jul 8, 2021


If you have concerns, call me. 619-481-1000. If your family has mobility or internet accessibility concerns, a travel fee can be waived.

Covid-19 Policy: I am fully vaccinated, and will continue wearing a medical grade mask until local hospitals no longer require this if their staff. Hand washing and cleaning my equipment as always. My family follows current CDC guidelines, as they evolve.
I do not ask families to wear masks in their own home.

If you're curious:

Written on 9/20/21

A other way to look at it is No Contact or Some Contact Infant Feeding Visits. In person visits are not what they used to be. The safest option is virtual, and I advise that all initial visits are virtual. If you have concerns, call me. 619-481-1000. If your family has mobility or internet accessibility concerns, a travel fee can be waived.

What you need to know about me:

  • I am at higher risk for serious disease if I contract COVID-19, due to having Multiple Sclerosis |Click Here| for more on that.

  • Supporting families in infant feeding is more important to me now than ever.

  • My partner and I have an 8 year old, 10 year old, and a pandemic puppy. We are remote-learning for now.

  • We have opened our backyard for in-person Infant Feeding Visits.

What happens during a virtual visit is similar to what happens in-person. Every visit includes 2 weeks of remote support, with a 15-minute video chat follow up. All existing clients are able to schedule a no contact baby weight.  What happens during any visit is defined by your goals, expectations and needs. We  get to know each other, so I can understand those things.  We agree upon the plan of care. I provide the summary of our visit to you, with references.

Why Virtual: My job is to give you the support you need to feed your baby your way. It works better when you are in your home, and doing this for yourself.

  • I assess the situation, including your anatomy (breasts and nipples), a feeding, positioning and latching. 

  • For the suck assessment, I have a video to show you how to help me with that (through a screen).   

  • Nothing can be done or seen without your express consent (this is always true) and everything is secure and encrypted. 

  • The meeting is never recorded.

In-Person Options:

  • My home, on the covered patio in the backyard.

  • Your home, if you are within my service area. Travel fee applies. Contact me to schedule an appointment.

  • In either space, we will keep 6 feet between us whenever possible.

  • Anyone over 2 years old wears a mask, when we need to be closer.

  • I anticipate needing to touch Baby for an assessment and perhaps for demonstration.

For visits at my back porch:


  • Book the appointment. Call me 619-481-1000 if you need an in-person initial visit.

  • Park in the driveway.

  • Text me when you arrive. I will secure the dog, post the privacy signs, and meet you at the left side of the house (2nd photo).

  • We will walk past the bins to the back patio.

  • Wall plug is available


  • Support person is welcome.

  • Client to bring their own masks.

  • Client to bring all milk expression or feeding equipment (bottles, cups). Power Outlet is available.

  • Restroom is available, inside my home. Please try to anticipate your needs, so that it would not be necessary.

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