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2023 For 2023 Maternal Mental Health Month

Marks Lactation Support will match up to $2023 San Diego Breastfeeding Center Foundation. As I serve on the PSI-CA (Postpartum Support International California Chapter) board of directors, I'm promoting another nonprofit for Maternal Mental Health Month. Here's Why:

#MaternalMentalHealth and feeding the baby cannot be separated. The social pressure concerning how the baby is fed usually part of the story when people share about their PMAD (Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders) experience. Extreme opinions abound. Sometimes it's dogmatic exclusive breastfeeding no matter how much it hurts. Some people are pressured to stop so that they can get sleep. Culturally competent lactation care can thread the needle of a parent setting goals that work for their family, and agreeing upon a plan working towards meeting them without shame. I'm good at this. So are the people who SDBFC Foundation trains and supports, and they reach people I can't. It feels like the best of my professional dreams realized.

I lean on their services to support people who would be clients, if finances were not a concern. These efforts are shrinking the portion of families who do not receive lactation support, and the care is second to none. The scholarship program makes it sustainable as it continues to connect people who already possess passion and cultural competency to high quality lactation education. The org also facilitate spaces for competent practitioners to directly serve communities stereotypically underserved. Check out their impact report.

Thank you for reading and considering a donation. #2023for2023MMHM

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