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Mindful Infant Feeding- an Introduction

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

I could not separate mindfulness practices from my infant feeding recommendations, even if I wanted. I start with the infant feeding goal of the family, which requires their awareness of ongoing thought processes. Physically, much of creating more comfortable, and effective infant feeding is observing the purposeful movements, of Baby. Being allowed the time and space to let things unfold is #mindful . Being in the moment, as they say.

Every experience is influenced by our thoughts. Mindfulness practices allow us to observe this phenomenon, and create the setting that allows the experience of any given situation to better serve us. #newparenting is intense for everyone, most of it revolving around feeding an infant, which means we spend much of the time settled into relative stillness. Most of the families I encounter describe feelings of angst, self-doubt, and being overwhelmed, but it does not have to be this way. The same situation that produces those thoughts can lend the time and space to cultivate thoughts that better serve us, like wonder, joy, and acceptance.

For more information on how our #midnfulinfantfeeding courses were born, check out "Enough"

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