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3 daily Mindfulness hacks.

Beverage. Journal. Pen. Clear coat. Timer.


A commonly reported barrier to practicing mindfulness is feeling like there isn't enough time. With practice, I've learned that the calmness gained is an impressive return on the time invested. These hacks helped me get to the point that I look forward to, and protect the time to calm my mind.

When I sought help (finally, 10 years later) for the intrusive thoughts that I suffered after birthing my first baby, I met with a PsyD (Doctor of Psychology) in my PCM's (Primary Care Manager) clinic for 30 minutes.

He said, and you need to know that he prefaced this plan with it being advances because I have experience with mindfulness, and do not seem to be clinically depressed. [Meditate for 10-15 minutes every day, and journal your body sensations surrounding when you raise your voice. You are perfectly capable of this. Next time, we will talk about your fight or fight triggers. In due time, we will get into your being assertive with your daughters instead of passive aggressive. If we think you need talk therapy after a few weeks, I will make a referral] Passive aggressive- OUCH! I knew that raising my voice is not my best self, but was unprepared to be called passive aggressive. Prepared for it or not, I can't argue.

I was prescribed mindfulness; is that irony? How I fit it in my life:

Meditation, Mindful Taste, Journaling

Meditate- I sit in an upright seated position, set my timer, and listen. I roll out of bed (an hour before everyone else gets up) I also fit it in when I am waiting in my car for the school bell to ring. ** If you have a newborn- make it before you walk away from a maybe-sleeping baby. You can listen to Baby's breathing. It truly is the sweetest sound.

Taste my latte- I make it, sit down, set my timer for 5 minutes. Pick it up and explore my five senses. I tell myself how it feels in my hand, how it smells, sounds, tastes, looks. That 5 minutes seems looooong, sometimes. It is worth it, because it builds the skill of being in the moment. **of course, anything you consume can be your mindful taste, just focus on the 5 senses, and try to keep your thoughts there.

Journaling. I'm writing as the PsyD advised, body sensations surrounding when I raise my voice at my girls. I also record ideas so that they can jump out of my "monkey brain." They are more productive sitting in my journal than swinging in between my ears.

Clear coat? A few days after I've done my nails, I apply another coat, set my timer and meditate for 10 minutes. I don't smudge my nails, and my monkey brain calms. Practical mindfulness.

Posting this from a ski vacation. If anything can challenge my calmness of mind, it would getting the family to ski school on time. Wish me luck.

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