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Lactation and Multiple Sclerosis. Yes, you can nurse your baby and continue treatment.

12/5/21 it has been 24 months +1 day since that 7 year post

If you are researching for yourself or a loved one, this photo was taken when my symptoms were starting. I would wean abruptly the next week. It doesn't have to be that way.

If you are researching for a client, I say "thanks for advocating for them."

Most people wonder, so here's an update: the MS is still well managed. The cocktail of Ocrivus, Vitamin D, exercise and meditation are serving me well. Still no relapses since that diagnosing event. At this point, I'm more bothered by the effects of aging, and what a privilege it is to say so.

From the perspective of a parent living with MS who is also an IBCLC, and serving on the board of directors of Postpartum Support International, California State Chapter:

The first priority is the health of the parent, with their infant feeding goals centered in the decision making process

Be sure that the Neurologist specializes in MS treatment, because new treatments are approved frequently.

I have alchemized this list from Infant Risk Center , which has been an odyssey into the evolution of recommendations. It explains why I was advised to wean, when I would not have done, if making choices today. Anyone is welcome to call them at 1-806-352-2519

High Dose Steroids Wait 2-4 hours after IV administration to drastically reduce the exposure. Continuing nursing is recommended.

Monoclonal Antibodies The molecules are so large that it doesn't transfer into milk in concerning quantities, as well as not being bioavailable, orally. See the chart for several options categorized as compatible.

Tecfidera (scroll to 08-07-2020 entry) Probably Compatible. It transfers in tiny doses. The experts at Infant Risk assumed otherwise, when it was first available in 2013.

Ocrelizumab Not a simple answer- it is mentioned that people are nursing while getting treatment. It probably transfers at tiny doses, but there's caution mentioned that it might interfere with Baby's gut.

published in 2016, it is clear how quickly expert opinions change from educated guess to informed by some clinical data, and conclusions can be surprising. So, I commit to publishing a deep dive into the up to date information every diagnosis anniversary.

My next project: advice on managing life with MS, while learning to nurse your newborn.

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