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Home Visits for TriCare Reimbursement. It's worth it.

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

There are a few of us who offer home visits, as TriCare-authorized lactation care providers. There are a few more of us who offer in-office visits as TriCare-authorized lactation providers. What is the difference? Ok, location, obvious. In-home requires less overhead, as the client invites the provider into their home. The provider is not paying to use that space, or furnish it, maintain it, clean it etc... This allows for more flexibility in scheduling time off etc.. Two great ups.

Downs: Provider can see less people in a work day. Travel can get expensive with fuel, vehicle maintenance, etc..

Particular to me, I would love to have a space to host support groups, classes, professional meetings, etc... If I had an office space, I could expand to include other lactation professionals and serve a lot more families. A lot, A lot.

I've been pondering these issues, and then I came across this evidence that what I am doing is needed,.

The best part about being invited into a family's home to support their infant feeding goals is that they are more comfortable and better-able to reproduce the progress we make, after I leave. Also, I run my car off solar power.

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