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Human Milk is Essential to Crisis Management.

For posterity, it is 1037 3/13/2020 and I am waiting for my husband to be transferred to a space in which I can be with him. He had a scheduled surgery. There are tents set up outside the ER for COVID-19 screening. School has been announced as closed for 2 weeks plus spring break. The president is is supposed to have a conference declaring a state of emergency in a little over an hour from now.

In humanitarian crises, breastfed infants are safer. The work IBCLCs do to support an ongoing breastfeeding relationship is essential, as I describe it. Hiding this thought here, because I do not want to add anything to the panic _ what if we run out of formula? So, as long as I am able, I will do this work.

I am setting up Telehealth capabilities, and plan to offer the client the choice. In-person support seems much more effective, so I want to offer it. Since my husband will be home, and my kids, will not be mixing it up with other kids, I would continue to travel to the client's home, with the same protections in place as during flu season (it's always the same protections). ** 1052 leaving to see my husband.

3/14/2020 1502. Phew. He is home, and adjusting to the role of patient. I'm sharing with you that it felt like the morning of 9/11/2001. I was working at the Naval Hospital on that sunny Tuesday morning. The ominous feeling, although life seemed to be per usual was the same as I felt on 3/13/2020. Time will tell, and I hope that community efforts allow us to argue over how much we needed to do this. WE NEED TO DO THIS, but if successful, some will say it was an over reaction.

We have 2-3 weeks worth of food and hopefully toilet paper. I have set up virtual consult capability.

Until my dear friend Dr. Ni-Cheng Liang is comfortable with our neighborhood school reopening, my family is limiting out of home activity to essential only. We follow the social distancing recommendations of the CDC.

I will check the temperature of every family member every morning (extra precaution). Should any of us develop a fever or respiratory symptoms, We will self-quarantine.

Client Visits:

Supporting human milk feeding is essential. Unless/until my family self-quarantines:

Client has the choice of virtual or in-home visit.

clean equipment, clean hands, universal precautions, social distancing
Normal Cleaning Supplies Keep In-Person Interactions Low-Risk.

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