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Meet Leanne Boyce, MS CCC-SLP

I’ve been a practicing Speech and Language Pathologist since 2012 after graduating with my Masters from Florida State University. My speciality has always been to seek out and support families with medically fragile and complex babies and young children. My career has centered around providing intervention for speech, language, feeding, and assistive technology for very young children in a variety of different settings, in part due to the nature of being a Navy Spouse. My family relocated to San Diego in March of 2020.

In the course of supporting families with complex feeding needs, I grew frustrated with the lack of information and strategies for families related to breastfeeding. My background for feeding skills was extensive, but all the available strategies focused on bottle-feeding infants. Around the same time I welcomed my first daughter in 2017, and found the help of lactation consultants immeasurable!

I’m seeking additional certification as a Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC), in order to fill the gaps in my knowledge and skills. My ultimate goal is to support families with their breastfeeding goals; specifically when the parent, baby, or both have had a significant medical journey. I’m grateful and delighted to be learning from Carly, and thankful for your help on this journey.

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