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The New Children's Museum has a Nursing Nook that they invite you NOT to use. Sounds about right!

Perfect support: provide a space, but reassure that it is not necessary.
The sign made my heart sing! "#nurse #feed or #pump #anywhere" #normalizebreastfeeding This place is perfect for the family with multiple children, including a #nursling or two. Parking is under the building, and $10 for weekdays, $15 for weekends. Members get 1/2 off. We use metered parking, a block away.

behind a curtain, there were 2 of these spaces. Notice the hook for your diaper bag, and an outlet.

As you enter, look to your left. You will see the "nursing nook." Two curtains, with this set-up behind it. There is space to park a stroller outside the curtain. Inside is a hook for your bag, and an outlet. #pumpingincomfort

Great space if you, and your nursling want privacy, or quiet time.

The bottom floor has the sketch aquarium: a dark space, with comfy chairs, and a wall-to-sealing screen playing sea creatures. There are well-lit desks for sketching. It was too dark to get a great photo, so trust me. It would be ideal for nursing comfortably. The middle (entrance floor) has several stations, with some seating spread around. No photo. A mother was nursing her infant in a gorgeous woven wrap ring sling, while talking another child through washing her hands, at the clay station. #babywearingforthewin

"Tot Studio"

The Third floor has several comfortable spaces for nursing. From the stairs or elevator, to your Left is the "Tot Studio," for the under 4 crowd. Here, your tot is somewhat contained, and certainly entertained. From the stairs or elevator to your Right is an amazing play structure, with several comfy and dim, if not quiet nooks for nursing.

Inside the play structure.

Military Discount: present your i.d. when you purchase entrance, it will be $10 per person, over 12 months old. If you purchase a membership, $10 off the membership of your choice. Members get discounted parking, and 10% off at the cafe. As always, if you have a photo of yourself nursing here, send it to me. You will get top-billing!

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