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Preparing to Breastfeed

Learning what you can while you are expecting 

Preparing to feed your baby is an exciting and important step in the early days of parenthood. Learn about colostrum and how to express it before baby is born. Check out our 'nesting list' of items you’ll want and need as well as what to "do" as you anticipate labor. 

How do I prepare my Breasts while I am Pregnant?

Q. What is colostrum?
A. Colostrum is the first milk that breasts begin to produce in the second trimester. It is high in protein, antibodies, and other essential nutrients, and helps to protect the newborn from infection. It has laxative qualities that help move the meconium and prepare the gut to start digesting.  

Q. Why hand express after 36 weeks?
A.   Confidence.  Clients I work with enjoy seeing the milk that their breasts are already making. Hand expression is a valuable skill throughout your milk making journey.  Learning to use your hands tell your breasts to express milk helps get more milk if you are pumping or nursing.  Nipple stimulation releases prolactin which encourages uterine contractions, so it is advised to wait until near term to start.  Colostrum is thick, and hand expression is more efficient with collecting small volumes.  I start with collecting on a spoon, then you can draw into an oral syringe.  Ask your maternity care provider for the materials, or you can purchase through this link

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